Firstcallhr Executive Search Company

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Welcome to Firstcall HR

Recruitment Solutions That Work. On Demand

We engage in the business of working with organizations, to understand and meet the requirements imperative in the ever-changing, growing & dynamic Industry & provide competitive advantage to clients with the intellectual capital offered.

We are prepared to meet new challenges in the improved Global & Domestic Business environment


[content_box featured_image=”2869″ heading=”Knowledge Services (KPO)” heading_size=”h6″ style=”style-1″ text_align=”left” link=”” link_text=”details”]Increasingly complex processes involving high end vertical specific and business services in domains like investment banking , pharmaceutical , legal etc[/content_box]

[content_box featured_image=”2868″ heading=”IT Search” heading_size=”h6″ style=”style-1″ text_align=”left” link=”” link_text=”details”]Our consultants combine knowledge, experience and solution oriented services to get you the best IT talent.[/content_box]

[content_box featured_image=”2867″ heading=”Global Shared Services” heading_size=”h6″ style=”style-1″ text_align=”left” link=”” link_text=”details”]We are proud to be associated with leading third party and captive BPOs/KPOs /Insurance across verticals & some of the Global shared services/Support centers across India.[/content_box]

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