BPO trends to know in 2017

Robotic process-

The year 2017 will be bringing number of changes in different industries. It is expected that maturation will be seen in robotic process automation, cloud computing and most importantly in the cognitive capabilities. It is being judged that the coming year will be uncertain in terms of the outsourcing industry. BPO will be affected by the political climate as the tax policies and regulations will be seen changing. Security of data will stay on top of the mind. The information and security will be considered as the major concern in the next 12 months.

The trail of the advanced security and the automation will continue. It will be accompanied by the security analytics and threat intelligence. The service modules will be developed to scale the security capabilities and support for the cloud workloads will also be on steam. These demands will increase in the outsourcing world. The intelligent automation field and the robotic process will take a step towards the providers disrupt the existing outsourcing structures. It will lead to cutting down cost to some extent which will prove beneficial to customers.

BPO in 2017

The awareness and popularity of the cloud computing has grown its demand in the cloud field. In the current situation almost each and every next enterprise is using cloud and thus now they will be asking for more from cloud the enterprise will be demanding more from the cloud service which will bring transformation in the business of cloud and hiring process. The field of BPO is confusing in the year 2017. India’s BPO industry will see the decline in workforce at around 14% in the year 2017. There will be some countries which will be showing increase in the BPO workforce.

Recruitment and hiring

The recruitment and hiring trend of 2017 explains that the robotic process automation will bring 75% of cost reduction and for implementing they will be in need of more employees. It is also said that in present time employees will be needed to develop the system but in next 10 years 100 million workers will be replaced by the robots. The BPO services are expecting to grow to 500$ million. The IT services saw decline in growth due to transition in cloud applications but it will be overcome in 2017.

Till now BPO have been most transactional helping the travel enterprises to easily manage their back office. It also helped the business to manage their customer care and the other processes like reservations, queue management and ticketing. The BPO services helped by serving their services in cost effective manner from the offshore locations and also provides flexibility. The BPO services have gained employment for many and it will continue in the upcoming year as well. The BPO market has brought opportunities for employees in the healthcare area as well. The increasing number of people investing in insurance has led to give rise to the BPO thus providing job opportunities. It has been found that the BPPO industry will be seeing incline in 2017 in certain countries whereas it will bring decline in certain countries.

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