Effects of reforms on IT sector in 2017



In the year 2016, many reforms took place in different countries. If you consider India then it faced demonetization, similarly America has faced changes in their policy. These changes in the end of year 2016 have brought up new trends in 2017. Digitization is the field which has gained growth in the year 2016 will keep on continuing in the 2017 year as well. It is the field which has dominated other fields throughout the year. The demand of the product developers and the professionals for digital marketing has increased to great extent and it will be boosting in 2017.

New developments

It can be clearly seen that employment will increase in the IT sector. It is the big field which not only includes the product development but it also includes the data analytics field. Risk management is again is the area which will be much in demand in 2017. The latest news explains that 2017 will be the year which will have increased demand in the specialist talents. It includes skills like cloud computing, distributed computing, data mining and statistical analysis. Government is bringing different reforms in countries and thus it is leading to growth in the IT field.

Let us consider an example. In India demonetization took place at the end of the year. It resulted into more usage of the net banking and mobile banking. The more usage resulted into more developments in the net banking and mobile banking sector. New developments and facilities started in that area. New applications has been developed which can help people even during the difficult times of demonetization. An application developed which allowed the users to know about the availability of the nearest ATM. BHIM application is developed which led to job opportunities for mobile developers. All new applications in mobile phones are appreciated by the government.

Demand of IT professionals-

The demand of the IT professionals has increased to great strength and it will continue throughout the year. More IT professionals will be recruited in the companies with special skills so they can enhance the growth of companies. The IT professionals will not be employed more in IT firms but they will be employed in non IT firms as well. The non IT firms are demanding for IT professionals so that they can handle their IT related issues easily.

The 2017 hiring trend calls for specialists in IT field. If the employees are having common skills then it will be less appreciated and special talents and skills in fields like cloud and distributed computing, analysis, etc will be appreciated. The reason is that the world is moving more towards the cloud systems. Whether they are servers or mobile apps, people prefer to use cloud which gives speed as well as separate space. The number of users using computers and mobiles has increased and it will lead to more job requirements in 2017 in the IT field. Use of technology will be made more in the recruiting and hiring process in 2017. These trends would be beneficial in the upcoming years.