Hiring Trends Across Sectors in 2017

Financial sector-

Number of changes has occurred in the year 2016 which will lead to different recruiting and hiring trends in 2017. It is estimated that the pharmaceutical sector will be hiring in huge amount and the telecom sector will also sow increase in hiring. There is mixed opinion about the trend in the automobile sector in 2017. The IT sector will definitely show an increase in the hiring in 2017. Apart from these fields, real estate is the field which will be facing a backslash in 2017.

The financial sector services will register growth in 2017 and it will help in providing huge amount of employment opportunities. The banks will expand and grow due to these factors. This will again lead to more employment opportunities. The industries which will be hiring more in 2017 include ecommerce industry. The young generation now believes in making use of online systems and also believes in shopping online. It has led to number of opportunities in the field of ecommerce. The changing trend is making the retailers to develop their stores online and it will lead to employment.

IT sector

In India demonetization took place and only one industry falls under category which does not depends on cash. It is the IT industry. The IT industry will keep on hiring trend of 2017 higher. The changes which occurred in country in the last year have led to number of startups and their growth. The growth of startups will increase their hiring rates as well. It has been found that within short period of time, number of startups has grown n the 2017 year and they will continue to grow thus bringing new employment opportunities.

Employer branding in 2017

Employer branding will remain in the mind of people. The employees will be willing to work with the well known and corporate culture which provides high compensation. The trend of employer brand will continue in the year. Mover the company in which you were working will again be playing the most important role during the recruitment process.  This means that the companies willing to hire talented employees will need to have a good company profile. There are companies who are spending a good percentage of their budget after company branding. You provide good salary and you will get good employees.

The policies and political changes in United States of America will lead to change in the hiring trends in 2017. The employees will focus on the companies which will be providing them more compensation in India itself. The companies which are popular for sending their employees to United States will reduce the employment and other companies will increase. If an employee has a specialized talent then it will be given proper rewards. The field of data analytics is growing and will continue to grow in 2017 year. The trends are affecting not only employees but also the employers. Changes will be seen in both of them. The changing trends in recruitment and hiring in 2017 will bring a new horizon in different sectors.

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